about design baking ingredients

Our History

Founded in 2007 by people who have worked in the food industry for 30 + years, here at Design Baking Ingredients we are driven food enthusiasts with an intrinsic need for better food innovation.

Working with Design Baking Ingredients can benefit from the technical experience we have, we encourage you to task us with your needs.


Our mission is to establish Design Baking Ingredients as the premier supplier of the nation’s preferred baking and confectionery ingredients, unwavering in our principles of quality.

Our Values

We are dedicated to our customers and are always willing to provide a helping hand. At Design Baking Ingredients we have made it our mission to excel in delivering superior ingredients and solutions for all of our products.

So whether your business is big or small, we have a complete portfolio to assist whatever your needs are.

A proudly South African company, we endeavour to source ingredients from top South African suppliers with outstanding Quality, rest assured we have your needs in mind.

Design Baking Ingredients is committed to providing safe and quality end products to our customers and consumers alike.

Food Safety is of paramount importance to customer acceptance and the success of our products.

Ultimately the success of our company and achieving our goal of being the supplier of choice lies with the quality and value of the product we manufacture and supply, to our customers.

We have taken the endeavour to supply our consumers with products of consistent superior quality, products that are safe and are value for money, whilst driving factory efficiency up and cost down.


Double Chocolate Cake

The perfect Double Chocolate Cake, every bite is moist, packed with flavour and smile worthy.

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